Встреча с мэром г. Такэта в Комитете по внешним связям.The St. Petersburg Association for International Cooperation is a unique organization in the sphere of public diplomacy and well-known in the city and abroad. It embraces more than 30 friendship societies and associations for cultural, humanitarian and business cooperation with foreign countries, numerous corporate and individual members representing the whole spectrum of St. Petersburg life – museums, libraries, universities, schools, business companies.

Законодательное собрание Санкт-Петербурга, Вручение пасхального яйца, выполненного по дизайну британского ювелира Тео Фаберже к 400-летию династии Романовых.It works in close contact with the Government of St. Petersburg and the Government of Leningrad Region, St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, Rossotrudnichestvo, Representative Office of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation in St. Petersburg, consulates and cultural centers of foreign countries in St. Petersburg, non-governmental organizations. The Association participates actively in the projects of the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg. Long-term and fruitful cooperation with Russian and foreign partner organizations has brought the status of the Association to a high level.

The Association plays a leading role in public diplomacy as a «soft power» and an effective supplement to the efforts of state diplomacy in presenting an appealing image of Russia and St. Petersburg abroad thus breaking down barriers and prejudices and promoting mutual understanding, peace and security.

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The prestige of the city as dynamic scientific and cultural centre, its multicultural diversity and present day achievements are pursued as general aims of the organization. A number of events are organized to promote Russian culture and the Russian language abroad. It is also a centre for activities of branches and clubs of international organizations such as the English-Speaking Union of Russia, Lions Club «Riona», St. Petersburg «Soroptimist Club International» and Friendship Force.

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The Association for International Cooperation has become a focal point of contacts and exchanges and a centre of many fascinating events, including international festivals, exciting educational projects, creative arts and cultural ventures. The House of Friendship, Association’s headquarters, hosts exhibitions, concerts, conferences on the problems of contemporary concern and issues of international relations. These events help to bring people from different countries together and support international links of the city. Members of the Association can always find activities to meet their interests and expectations.

A comprehensive range of quality programs is delivered to strengthen cooperation with twin-cities of St. Petersburg.

Мастер-класс знаменитой индийской танцовщицы Яшоды Тхакор для членов Общества культурных связей с Индией.

Much attention is paid to involving young people in international activities. Student exchanges, competitions, festivals, scholarships, debating and public speaking events are beneficial for youngsters and help to bring them up as devoted citizens and future leaders, who would contribute to their society and understand better the needs of the world they live in.

Charity programmes are also an important part of the Association’s activities.

This wonderful organization is a unique and vibrant resource for the city academic community, professionals, students interested in exploring any aspect of the sociocultural life of different countries. Enthusiasm and willingness of members support international links of St. Petersburg and attract people from around the world to our beautiful city.


Мастер-класс знаменитой индийской танцовщицы Яшоды Тхакор для членов Общества культурных связей с Индией.Встреча русских и английских ветеранов полярных конвоев.Антонио Виллани читает главы из романа Итало Кальвино Незримые города.Делегация Ассоциации гуманитарного сотрудничества с арабскими государствами в Марокко.

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