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Her Majesty the Queen


HRH Princess Anne



“We are delighted to be in St Petersburg for the 2019 ESU International Council Meeting and thank ESU St. Petersburg for a warm welcome and an exceptional cultural programme.”

Chairman of the ESU 

Rt Hon Lord Boateng


Jane Easton







“I have such affectionate memories of St. Petersburg - from my schooldays educational cruise and from the time when I led a Fabian Society delegation in 1989 just as the old world was about to change dramatically. I also was able to see the City through nonpolitical eyes recently as a simple tourist. I am therefore delighted to be a Patron of the St. Petersburg English-Speaking Union and to have a real link to such a great, and vibrant, European city”.


Rt Hon Lord Robertson of Port Ellen

GCMG HonFRSE PC Special Adviser to BP plc







          ‘I am happy that the ICM 2019 is being held in St. Petersburg.  English speakers from all countries are always welcome to this city which was internationally oriented from its very foundation. In recent decades, the number of people who speak English has increased rapidly, like everywhere else. English is a universal key to mutual understanding and friendship. We are lucky to have the English Speaking Union in St. Petersburg and I am proud of its activities’.


Prof. Liudmila Verbitskaya


St. Petersburg State University





The ESU St. Petersburg was founded in 1998. The present Chairperson Margarita Mudrak has held her position since then. ‘It is our firm belief that the English language plays an absolutely vital role in diplomacy and intercultural communication thus breaking down barriers and prejudices’.



Margarita Mudrak

St. Petersburg Association for International Cooperation







The ESU is an independent, non-political educational charity. English has become a universal language serving as a major means of communication in world-wide networking.

The ESU achieves its aims through scholarships, awards, debating and public speaking events and a variety of programmes for young people from all over the world. Schoolchildren, students and young professionals are targeted because the future of international relations will be in their hands. The young people who take part in our programmes emerge better equipped to contribute to their society and with a better understanding of the world they live in.





St. Petersburg delegation during an official visit to Manchester


The ESU St. Petersburg stimulates English language studies, develops mutual understanding and creates new professional and business partnerships. The ESU membership reflects the whole spectrum of St. Petersburg life in culture, business, education and other fields of public activity.

Affiliated, corporate and individual members can always find ESU activities to meet their interests and expectations.

Conferences, meetings, educational programmes, concerts, exhibitions help bring people together. The ESU St. Petersburg assists the city’s international and humanitarian programmes.

The ESU St. Petersburg enjoys a high reputation in the city today. This is the result of years of close cooperation with the English Speaking Union International Council, the City Administration, the Association for International Cooperation, universities and schools and support from the Consulate General of Great Britain, the British Council, the Consulate Generals of the USA and India. Many companies, both foreign and Russian, have helped to raise the status of the ESU to its present level.

The ESU has an active Board of members who meet regularly to discuss and evaluate the organization’s activities.




  • Participation in and hosting ESU International events
  • The International Public Speaking Competition
  • Annual Days of Scotland Festival in St. Petersburg
  • Shakespeare Drama Festival for high school students
  • Lectures from visiting and permanent native speakers
  • ESU Library Project
  • Charity programmes
  • Cultural and Educational exchanges
  • Lectures for The School of Young Diplomats’ programme for teenagers
  • Joint events with the St. Petersburg English Language Teachers Association (S.P.E.L.T.A.).



           The ESU St. Petersburg’s participation is now in its 21st year. Last year, about 500 students from around 25 schools and 10 universities participated. Winners from the school competitions are given master classes by the ESU to help polish their speeches before the final at the Legislative Assembly. The winner then represents Russia at the International Public Speaking Competition in London. ‘Participation in this programme helps our young people to understand that they can play a meaningful role in their own country and in the global community,’ says Margarita. ‘Even if they don’t win, participation in the competition is a memorable and beneficial experience for them.’



You can support ESU St. Petersburg through:

individual and corporate membership,

sponsorship and donations


Membership entitles you to:


  • participate in ESU events internationally and at branch level
  • receive the ESU St. Petersburg publications
  • use the ESU St. Petersburg library
  • support the ESU educational work and further the aims of the ESU
  • use the facilities of the Headquarters in St. Petersburg


The ESU St. Petersburg expresses deepest gratitude to:


  • The English-Speaking Union, London
  • The Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg
  • St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly
  • St. Petersburg Committee for Culture
  • St. Petersburg Committee for Education
  • St. Petersburg State University
  • affiliated universities, schools, colleges, libraries and museums of the city


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The ESU St. Petersburg

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